Eduardo del Solar Nature Photography

In 2011 I started a project with Goldenrod, an environmental agency at Plymouth Long Beach. This is an Important Bird Area that has nesting colonies of Piping Plovers, terns and Laughing Gulls. As an Artist in Residence for Goldenrod my aim was to photograph the seasons through an entire year. I now have created an Album I and an Album II to share in my exhibits. Below are some images from these projects.

Plymouth Long Beach 2016

  1. March 2016

Plymouth Long Beach 2012

  1. Summer 2012
  2. Spring 2012

Plymouth Long Beach 2011

  1. Winter III
  2. Fall II
  3. Fall I
  4. Summer III
  5. Summer II
  6. Summer I
  7. Spring III
  8. Spring II
  9. Spring I
  10. Winter II
  11. Winter I


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